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Products use fully automated technology more efficient, more durable, time-saving and convenient.


5 technology staff and electrical engineer. each month we will design 3-5 pieces new model and provide OEM service.


10 inspectors. test battery, motor,controller, display electrical system. Shift gear, brake and so on mechnical behavior


We export to Asia, Africa, South America, AU, EU, N/A since 2006. Rich experience for export different market.

Recent News

Electric tricycle prices close to the people cost-effective to occupy the market

With the improvement of national quality of life and consumer demand for the "change", in the past the most attention to the price of electric tricycles is no longer determined to buy the main factors, cost-effective consumer attitudes more deeply rooted.

Interbike show 2018 in NV

Interbike show 2018 in NV

219 N Center St, Reno, NV 89501-1413, United States

Do this seven, so that your electric car with more time

In fact, electric cars and cars are the same as consumables, with the longer use of its performance will gradually decline, so we as much as possible in the use of the same time to do maintenance work to extend the life of electric vehicles.


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