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48v 250w EU standard 25kph no rigist pedal assisted electric scooter

Motor: 250w 350w 500w optional?High?speed?brushless?
Battery: 48V 20Ah?lead acid free-maintaining battery (Lithium battery optional)
Charger?type input:?AC 110-220V Output: DC +44V?1.8A
Charging?cycles: 350?cycles?guaranteed
Controller: 48v 22A?intelligent?brushless
Light?System:?Normal?for?front?and rear

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48v 250w EU standard 25km/h no rigist pedal assisted electric scooter (HP-TSL)

Electronic part 

Motor: 250w 350w 500w optional High speed brushless 
Battery: 48V 20Ah lead acid free-maintaining battery (Lithium battery optional)
Charger type input: AC 110-220V Output: DC +44V 1.8A
Charging time: 4 to 8 hours
Charging cycles: 350 cycles guaranteed
Controller: 48v 22A intelligent brushless
Light System: Normal for front and rear

Packing size: 170 x 45 x 100(cm)
Max Speed: 35-42km/h
Range: 50km under standard road condition
Weight: 95kgs with battery
Tires: 16" X 2.5 tire
Brake: Drum brake for front wheel, Expanding brake for rear wheel 
Max Loading: 120kg (264lbs)

Container load: 41pcs/20GP;86pcs/40HQ 

Frame Material: Iron frame
Saddle: High quality saddle
Drive Manner: Throttle
Accessories: Umbrella, charger, boxs and pedals


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