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Aug 31,2018

After ten years of rapid development, the people's livelihood products such as electric cars, just like the essential oil for people. According to relevant statistics, as of the end of 2013, the number of electric vehicles in the national market has reached as high as 150 million.

Nov 17,2017

In recent years, because of its cheap price, convenient and fast, electric bikes are favored by ordinary people. Due to the good energy-saving performance of electric vehicles, all levels of government also give a lot of support to the electric vehicle industry. However, due to the technical standards are not perfect, the quality control of production and maintenance is not strict, the use of storage problems prominent and other reasons, the fire accidents caused by electric vehicles in our country gradually increased, the dead fire accidents are also more prominent. The fire department has always attached great importance to electric car fire prevention work. In order to raise public awareness of the fire prevention of electric vehicles, the fire department selected several typical cases of electric vehicle fire to analyze the causes of the frequent fires of electric vehicles and how the public should prevent the fire during the daily use of electric vehicles.

Nov 10,2017

The era of "Internet +" sign is quietly changing our lives, as China once the symbol of "bicycle" there will be any change? Faced with the fierce cross-border integration of Internet companies, China's bicycle industry will go from here? "

Nov 06,2017

According to Intel China, the newly invented multi-rechargeable lithium glass battery can be recharged in minutes and lasts longer, extending EV's range of motion threefold. John Goodyear

Nov 04,2017

It's too cold for a lot of car owners to feel that the electric car is running far away from it or that the newly purchased electric car does not run far in the summer. What is going on? Is not a battery fault ah, in fact, in most cases are customers on the electric car and battery-related knowledge to understand too little, and even some misunderstandings. A battery dealer said the sky cold batteries mistakenly increased, mainly due to these reasons:

Nov 04,2017

Electric bike in the course of daily use more or less will have some fault, and encountered a problem how to solve it? Do not worry, this top ten failures and treatment methods for you to help!

Nov 03,2017

In fact, electric cars and cars are the same as consumables, with the longer use of its performance will gradually decline, so we as much as possible in the use of the same time to do maintenance work to extend the life of electric vehicles.

Oct 20,2017

As the main means of transport, the role of electric vehicles in people's lives is more and more important, consumers are more cautious in the purchase of electric cars, in addition to configuration, battery life, service, appearance is fashion, riding experience is comfortable Have become the necessary assessment factors.

Oct 20,2017

With the improvement of national quality of life and consumer demand for the "change", in the past the most attention to the price of electric tricycles is no longer determined to buy the main factors, cost-effective consumer attitudes more deeply rooted.

Oct 20,2017
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