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Ten major electric car troubleshooting

2017-11-03 09:37:49

Electric bike in the course of daily use more or less will have some fault, and encountered a problem how to solve it? Do not worry, this top ten failures and treatment methods for you to help!

   Motor does not turn

   Check the battery is sufficient, less than the battery charge;

   Check whether the speed control is damaged, replace the speed governor;

   Check the brake potential is normal, the brake back is good, broken brake to replace the power switch;

   Check the motor Hall is damaged, damage to replace the motor Hall;

   Check the motor phase is short-circuited, short-circuit on the separation phase;

   Check the controller MOS tube breakdown, breakdown will replace the controller;


   The motor is not rotating properly

   Rotate the handle after the motor stalls, the battery float, resulting in insufficient power to charge the battery;

   No-load motor rotation current, noise, phase sequence or phase angle does not match, replace the controller phase sequence;

   Load is too large or there is progress in climbing, but after a few seconds to stop, it is normal blocking protection, remove the load or stop climbing;

   Ride current, noise, controller (MOS drive damage) or motor damage (turn short circuit), this time to replace the motor or controller;

   There are obstacles to normal carts

   MOS tube damaged, replace the controller or MOS tube;

   Short-circuit the controller or the motor, peel off the short-circuiting phase and insulate it;

   Motor turn short circuit, replace the motor;

   Zero-start motor does not turn, push what can turn

   MOS drive phase of a phase lead to replace the controller or repair MOS drive circuit;

   Poor phase contact, check the motor and controller wiring, make it good contact;

   Weak start

   Low battery, to give the battery charge;

   Turn the fault, so that the output voltage is low, replace the new handle;

   The controller uses the soft start, this is the establishment procedure, can not change;

  Motor riding noise, or jitter or bumpy feeling

   Now the basic controller using the sine wave output, noise, jitter or riding a sense of frustration is mainly due to the controller and the motor sine wave matching problems, the best way is to replace the matching motor or controller;

  Open the electric door lock, the vehicle is not powered

   Air switch is off, open the air switch;

   Battery cable is not connected, check the battery is connected as required;

   Electric door lock is burned out, check the electric door lock and replace;

   Main fuse is blown, replace the fuse;

   Charger does not jump green light, has been charging

   Charger charging voltage is high, replace or repair the charger;

   The battery pack or one of the batteries fails, replace or repair the battery;

   A plug on the green light, but the vehicle power shortage

   Charger voltage is low, serious lack of battery charging, the need to replace or repair the charger;

   Battery into a recession, can not meet the discharge for a long time, replace or repair the battery;

   Short mileage

   Check the battery is fully charged, low battery to be fully charged;

   Check the vehicle for the presence of leakage, speakers, converters, the main line of the ground. If there is leakage, you need to replace the corresponding parts and organize the main circuit;

   Check whether the motor and the controller match, if the riding noise, the motor hot, you need to replace the matching motor and controller;


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